“6 X 6” Recruitment Process

  1. Search Initiation
    1. Recruiter meets with Business Development – Search Overview
    2. Introductory client call with Recruiter – Profile set up
    3. Pre-profile letter emailed to client
    4. Profile conducted
      • Get copy of LOA or Contract
      • Confirm and agree to decision process/Financials/Parameters
    5. Opportunity Presentation writeup/Post profile letter– Signed agreement with client (Focus
      on Community/Hospital or Clinic/Practice)
    6. Client Communication (Client contacted weekly/Phone call at least every other week)
  2.  Candidate Procurement
    1. Set-up advertising campaign via CRM (AI programming)
      • Utilize authorized success advertising templates
      • Advertising firm copywrite
    2. Set-up Text Message advertising campaign via CRM (AI programming)
    3. Design and generate Internet job postings for each posting site
    4. Create targeted telephone sweep call list via CRM
    5. Share position via Social Media outlets
    6. Review and revise messaging every 30-60 days
  3. Candidate Selection
    1. Candidate telephonic screening via AMI proprietary process
    2. Opportunity presentation when appropriate
    3. Spouse screen and presentation
    4. DocuSign Reference & Authorization questionnaire to candidate completion and signature
    5. Client submission of candidate (CRM)
      • Candidate Dossier and CV
    6. Interview scheduled (CRM)
      • Add to (CRM) Calendar
  4. Candidate Pre-Interview
    1. Pre-IV package emailed to candidate
      • Thank you to candidate letter signed by VP and Consultant
      • On-site interview itinerary
      • Map of interview location
      • Expense reimbursement forms
      • Copy of client LOA/Contract
    2. Organize candidate travel when needed
    3. Set pre-interview with candidate AND spouse
    4. Confirm all relevant recruitment issues with client
      • Financials
      • Candidate questions/concerns
      • Call rotation
      • Work schedule etc.
      • Confirm client decision process
    5. Conduct pre-interview via electronic meeting or in person (where appropriate)
      • Pre-interview basics
      • Confirm all relevant details of opportunity
      • Confirm financial requirements of candidate and potential offer details
      • Thoroughly cover decision process/candidate expectations
      • Set up scheduled closing call after interview is completed
    6. Call client with pre-interview feedback
      • Confirm all relevant details again with client
      • Confirm Financials
      • Confirm decision process/Contract/LOA/Closing instrument
      • Set up scheduled follow-up call with client after onsite interview is completed
  5. On-Site Candidate Interview
    1. Brief encouragement email to candidate
    2. If needed, check in with candidate for last minute preparation
    3. If needed, check in with client for last minute preparation
    4. Ensure CRM notes and documentation are up to date and accurate
    5. Remain available via phone and email in case of emergency
    6. If you are not available (travel etc.) ensure your candidate and client know who to contact in case of emergency
  6. Closing/Search Completion
    1. Call client for detailed feedback/hiring decision. Provide client guidance when needed
    2. Closing call with Candidate/Spouse and guide to decision when needed
    3. Obtain signed LOA/Contract from client
    4. Present and secure signature on LOA/Contract from candidate
    5. Complete CRM placement record
    6. Search completion/final invoicing/regular client/candidate follow up through relocation

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