Fastest Growing Medical Assistant Positions

Medical assistants are in high demand, and that demand is steadily rising as time goes by. Along with dental and surgical assistants, hiring physician assistants continues to grow as their roles are becoming essential to the healthcare sector. Medical assistants perform various administrative and clinical tasks while working under the supervision of their superiors.   

These responsibilities may include making and keeping appointments, maintaining patient records, and handling invoicing and insurance claims. By doing these tasks, they can create a positive environment for both the patient and the doctor. If you want to know the fastest-growing medical assistant positions today, here’s all the information you need.

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Fastest Growing Types of Medical Assistants

Clinical Medical Assistant

One of the fastest-growing medical assistants today is clinical medical assistants. From conducting lab tests, taking vital signs, and explaining treatments to patients, this field of specialization contributes significantly to patient care and treatment. They provide essential support to medical professionals in handling and managing patients.  

Clinical medical assistants work hand in hand with specialists, attendants, and other clinical experts. They frequently work in emergency clinics, facilities, or doctor’s private clinics. A portion of their jobs and obligations also include:   

  • Speaking with patients and specialists   
  • Getting ready patients for tests or methodology   
  • Disinfecting hardware and preparing test rooms   
  • Performing analytic tests   
  • Taking fundamental indications of patients   
  • Regulating prescriptions to patients   
  • Gathering examples or drawing blood   

Administrative Medical Assistant

Administrative medical assistants invest a large portion of their energy working behind a work area carrying out regulatory responsibilities for patients and specialists. Otherwise, an administrative medical assistant may help specialists in the treatment room or perform active treatment with their patients. Their duties include but are not limited to the following:  

  • Managing and encoding patient data  
  • Booking patient arrangements and circling back to patients  
  • Picking up the telephone and dealing with the front work area  
  • Requesting and stock of clinic supplies and medicine  
  • Overseeing patient records and keeping them up to date  
  • Processing insurance claims and payments  
  • Keeping track of office inventories  
  • Transcribing notes  
  • Carrying out billing processes  

Obstetric Medical Assistant

Doctors who practice OB/GYN are experts in the health and care of women of all ages. Because this specialization involves handling sensitive and delicate operations, doctors need a specialized assistant to help them manage their operations. The obstetrician or gynecologist may get assistance from an obstetric medical assistant in several ways, such as:  

  • Providing support for pregnancy care  
  • Measuring vital indicators, including temperature and blood pressure  
  • Supporting test procedures, such as breast exams  
  • Giving patients medication and explaining it to them  
  • Patient preparation for appointments  
  • Serving as the OB/GYNs assistant for appointments, procedures, and operations  

Specialized Medical Assistant

Particular clinical partners go past broad schooling and gain proficiency with a specific area of medication, for example, dermatology, pediatrics, or dental care. If you’re interested in a particular area of medicine, you can target it during your schooling and when you go after clinical partner jobs. Each sort of particular clinical proper hand position will differ in its liabilities and prerequisites.  

Other specialized fields:  

  • Dental medical assistants 
  • Podiatric medical assistants  
  • Chiropractic medical assistants  
  • Ophthalmologic medical assistants 

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