Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring a Physician’s Assistant  

Being a physician’s assistant is never an easy job. The assistant may have to deal with the patients upfront, apart from organizing the physician’s schedule. Just imagine how hectic your day is without someone available to handle these tasks. When hiring a physician’s assistant, it will help if you remember that you’re looking to fill a vital role 

Don’t fall into the trap of only looking at the positive aspects of hire. Here are some red flags that you shouldn’t overlook.  

professional hiring for a physician's assistant

5 Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring an Assistant


When hiring a physician’s assistant or any position, negativity in the applicants’ attitude never goes a long way. You need to watch out for how they deal with others. Someone who knows how to properly interact with other people is always better. You also won’t want to hire someone who thinks negatively of themselves. 

Unclear Terms

Using unclear terms to express one’s self is an indication of indecisiveness. You’ll want to hire people who are sure about themselves and of what they do. Someone who can’t explain why they are applying for the position is already a clear sign that they potentially aren’t a good fit for the job. They might have heard of the job opening somewhere and jumped into the interview just because it’s an open position. 

Get an assistant who uses precise terminologies and expressions.  

Unfamiliarity with the Basics

The assistant you’ll be hiring will be tasked to deal with patients. It’s a great help if the assistant knows a thing or two about the basic terminologies used in the clinic.   

Though things can still be learned, it’ll be helpful for both the assistant and the physician if both of them understand what they’re talking about.  


Even during the interview, showing up late isn’t a good sign. Unexpected things happen, but being late for an interview is not a good sign for the future. There are also greater chances that tardy applicants won’t value their time in the office and will also come in late even when hired.   

You won’t want to compromise the office’s productivity by hiring someone who isn’t good at managing time and commitments.  

Short Stays in Previous Jobs

Another thing you need to check when hiring an assistant is their employment record. You need to check what companies they’ve worked with before and if any of those are related to what they’re applying to now.   

Upon checking the records, don’t forget to take notice of the time spent at their previous jobs. It will give you a hint if they are willing to stay long in the position they’ll fill in.  

professional hiring for a physician's assistant

Do You Have Plans on Hiring a Physician’s Assistant?

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