Tips in Dealing with Your Difficult Staff

Being in your medical practice already entails a lot of work. Your goal will be to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible, but this could somehow be compromised if the staff in your office makes every passing day harder for you. The best thing to do is avoid certain red flags when you staff your doctor’s office.  

People differ in a variety of ways. In your lifetime, you will get to meet different personalities and will have to deal with them accordingly. Here are the common unlikable personalities of medical staff and how you can deal with them, according to Laura Palmer- an industry analyst at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). 

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4 Common Difficult Traits of Medical Staff


People with controlling personalities feel like they always have to be right. They have this attitude of not giving up even if you present them with evidence of how wrong they are. These people believe that they are stronger than you and that they can always do better than you. 

How to deal: Make them feel that you aren’t intimidated by their behavior. Stand up for yourself and don’t adhere to their demands if you feel like they are being too much. However, you still need to approach them in a calm way. 


These are people who cling to you most of the time. They even have difficulty doing a task alone and struggle to work independently. The more they see that you are strong, the more they cling to you. 

How to deal: Direct rejection doesn’t work in a situation like this for they will just ignore your polite no. It would be best to give them additional tasks to work on when you are not present. They need to understand that there are responsibilities that they need to do on their own. But you can still let them know that you are willing to walk them through the process. 


Healthy competitions are good, but having too much competition in the office leads to no good. Competitive individuals often end up putting others down to get ahead. For instance, they may talk over you in meetings or speak ill about you when your superior or colleagues are around.  

How to deal: When faced with confrontation, stay calm and try not to show your emotions. Settle your arguments based on facts.  


These are often the most difficult to deal with. They can go completely demanding at the most random times. They change goals and assignments often to keep a bustle in the office.  

How to deal: Since they tend to change their behavior from time to time, it is best to determine an adaptability setting that works for you. Avoid any instances of having to mimic their behavior. As much as possible, stay away from confrontations. 

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