Top 4 Qualities Dentists Look for in a Dental Hygienist  

Almost, if not every dental hygienist works in dental offices with dentists. If you happen to be one and are looking for dental hygienist opportunities in your area, you should know the good qualities you should have to stand out. You wouldn’t want to settle and be like everybody else.

If you’re up to filling in a fulfilling role of a dental hygienist, you should prepare yourself for your responsibilities. Preparing yourself starts with being the best applicant among the rest. Here are a few of the top qualities dentists look for in dental hygienists to give you a slight idea.

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What Dentists Look for in a Dental Hygienist


You work in the frontline and deal with the patients even before the dentist. You administer dental x-rays and other dental tests to determine the patients’ dental needs. Your job requires empathy and putting yourself in your patient’s shoes.

Providing empathic and compassionate dental care is one of the most effective strategies to understand how your patient feels. It also helps you better grasp how a specific type of treatment should be administered to them to alleviate pain.

Communication Skills

An excellent dental hygienist has excellent communication skills, including being a good listener and a compelling speaker. It would help if you efficiently communicate with your patients about their dental health status. It might require you to do your best not to worry them so much about what will happen or what dental treatment they’ll need to undergo.

You also need to be very versatile for your patients may vary from kids to adults. It’s your job to relay the required information to them in the most relatable way.


Despite knowing everything in the dental industry, your patients still need to be respected – regardless of age and gender. Keep in mind that you are there to help them solve their dental issues and not judge them about their stained teeth or how awful their breath smells. Some patients want to keep everything private, so following the confidentiality rules and regulations is necessary.

Being a respectful dental hygienist also means understanding and considering your patients’ needs and requests.

Sense of Humor

It could be one of the most underrated qualities of any dental professional. Not everyone has a great experience when it comes to dental matters. You’ll need to keep in mind that some of your patients are scared of needles, and even just the thought of being in a dental office makes them sick.

Incorporating humor in the most challenging situations helps your patients feel more relaxed around you. The less stressed your patients are, the easier it is to administer necessary dental procedures.

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Are You Looking for Dental Hygienist Opportunities Near You?

Helping other people achieve optimum dental health is a fulfilling job. Being a dental hygienist allows you to help others gain confidence and self-esteem by giving them valuable dental tips and information.

If you know you’re a good fit for a dental hygienist position, please don’t hesitate to call Arthur Marshall recruitment for help and assistance. Together, we can make your dream job a reality.

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