What Do Physician Assistants Do?

Outside of general care, physician assistants operate in a variety of specializations and subspecialties, including medical, surgical, and diagnostic subspecialties. Physician assistant jobs are hard to come by, especially with the competitive environment that we have today. Luckily, there are a lot of medical recruiters that can help find the right candidate for the job.

Before we dive into how medical recruiters can help medical professionals find the right position, it’s important to understand what physician assistants do. Here are some practices that most physician assistants offer.

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Scope of Practice

Take Medical Histories

One of the main functions of physician assistants is to check the patient’s medical history. This procedure involves gathering information about what’s going on with your health. Both your personal and family medical histories are detailed in your personal health history to identify any health issues that your biological relatives have faced throughout their lives.

Because many diseases run in families, the information gathered by the physician assistant will provide the doctor with a wealth of information. This information could also be used to determine what health problems the patient might face in the future.

Diagnose Illnesses

When a patient enters a doctor’s clinic, the physician assistant will most likely conduct a diagnosis of the patient’s illness. This involves asking the patient a series of questions regarding what the patient feels. Diagnosis is an important step in any medical procedure, this will help the doctor find a solution faster as they are provided with reliable information by the assistant.

Counsel Patients

Patients who suffer from anxiety, stress, or fear of their condition are dealt with by the physician assistant early on the appointment. This helps the patients to relax and allows them to ask questions regarding their medical condition. Counseling also contributes to the recovery of patients that had undergone intensive medical procedures.

Assist in Surgery

Physician assistants can specialize in a variety of fields. This includes assisting surgeons during operations, collaborating with anesthesiologists, and assisting radiologists. In surgery, physician assistants can insert chest tubes, remove visible foreign objects, and remove abscesses.

The physician assistants are the first responders in a surgery. Even though the general surgeon is the one who usually conducts the difficult procedures, they will let the assistants do as much as they want so long as the doctor is with them while doing the surgery.

Other Roles and Responsibilities of a Physician Assistant

Physician assistants are very versatile with what they do. That’s why their role in the medical field isn’t only to provide assistance but also to provide a wide range of services to patients that require immediate attention. Here are some other roles and responsibilities that a physician assistant performs:

  • Prescribe Medicine
  • Making rounds
  • Perform physical exams
  • Order and interpret laboratory tests
  • Managing Treatment Plans
  • Provide Preventive Care

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