Responsibilities and Duties of Oral Surgery Assistants

As an oral surgeon’s assistant, you’ll interact with patients, set up workstations, assist with dental treatments, and handle office tasks. You will work closely with dentists who conduct oral surgery as an oral surgeon’s assistant, commonly known as a dental assistant. Your responsibilities will range from setting up workstations to instructing patients on post-operative dental care. 

If you’re curious about an assistant oral surgeon’s responsibilities, read on to find out more.

Oral Surgeon doing her job of checking a patient's mouth

Important Information on Oral Surgeon Assistants

Qualifications and Requirements of Oral Surgeon Assistants

Prior dental assisting experience is required, preferably in an oral-surgical setting. All appropriate state licenses and CPR and X-ray certifications are required. Strong communication skills and a calm temperament in stressful situations are necessary.  

What Is the Role of an Oral Surgery Assistant?

An oral surgery assistant aids a dentist during surgical procedures. Your responsibilities may include preparing patients and the operating room for the dentist. You will sterilize and organize instruments, have a patient’s X-rays and chart on hand for the dental surgeon or periodontist, and prepare the patient by giving topical anesthetic and discussing the operation.

You will monitor anesthetic, assist with suction, and keep the patient’s mouth clear throughout oral surgery. In addition, you will take notes and document the procedure for the dentist.  

Workstation Preparation  

As an oral surgeon’s assistant, you will prepare the workstation and instruments for the patient and dentist. You’ll disinfect and arrange dental tools, collect a patient’s dental records, and wear protective gear like masks, gloves, and eyewear.  

Preparation of Patients

You will accompany the patient to the chair once the workspace is complete. You’ll put them at ease as you prepare them for inspection and treatment. Treatment options range from dental cleanings and X-rays to crown restorations and tooth extractions. Because patients may be frightened or fearful of dental work, you must describe the operation to them so that they understand its scope and duration.  

Examine and Assist With Procedures  

You’ll collaborate with the oral surgeon during treatment, supporting the dentist with procedures and ensuring the patient’s comfort. Among your responsibilities will be the production of topical anesthetics to numb the area of tissue and teeth where the treatment will be administered. 

Using suction hoses and hand devices, you’ll also maintain the treatment area for the surgeon. You’ll hand the dentist the necessary instruments during procedures and assist in observing complications.  

In Charge of Aftercare  

Following the procedure, you will educate them on the necessary post-treatment care. You’ll go through any required medications and learn how to maintain the dental work clean. Additional appointments may be needed, and you will arrange the scheduling of follow-up visits.

You will remove all contaminated equipment for sterilization after the workstation is clear. Afterward, the chair and equipment will be cleaned and ready for the next patient and procedure. You will update and submit patient records.  

Smiling patient with braces with her oral surgeon

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