What Patients Look for in an Orthodontist

Even though there are a lot of orthodontics positions hiring today, there are plenty of them that are already in practice. If you happen to be looking for a job opportunity in this field, you’ll need to know what most patients look for in an orthodontist. Remember that you shouldn’t settle for less to get their attention.

As someone who’s starting in this field, it’s essential to know the qualities that separate an excellent orthodontist from the rest. To help you become a great orthodontist, here’s what most patients look for.

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Qualities of a Great Orthodontist


When patients are looking for an orthodontist, one of the first qualities they look for is experience. Being an orthodontist means having a badge of expertise in the field of diagnosing and correcting misaligned teeth. However, your experience shouldn’t be limited to your area of expertise. You’ll need to be proficient in other fields of dentistry if you want to impress your patients.

Experience could also mean years of practice. If you’re already ahead of the game, you have a tactical advantage over the newer recruits. Use this as your leverage to entice more patients since most will always choose an experienced orthodontist over an inexperienced one.


Let’s face it – people will always look for services within their budget.  While you should never sell yourself short of your services, you shouldn’t charge excessive fees to your patients.

Provide a fixed rate for certain services to show how much you charge for a specific procedure. Before the treatment, show your patients a full breakdown of the fees. This simple act will give them the impression that your services are transparent and trustworthy.

Communication Skills

As an orthodontist, you should always listen to your patient’s complaints, no matter how little they are. Paying attention and answering their questions and concerns are excellent qualities that many patients look for in an orthodontist. Talking to and educating your patients about their condition is also a great way of showcasing your knowledge and expertise in the field, and it gives them a sense of relief.


Being attentive to the needs of your patients shows that you are a professional. Your approach toward your patients should be inviting and interactive during their first visit. This simple act lets them know that they’re welcome in your clinic and you’re willing to address any of their oral health concerns.

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Are You Looking for Orthodontics Positions Hiring Near You?

Being an orthodontist is a fulfilling job, especially if you enjoy helping people attain their ideal smiles. If you know you’re a good fit for an orthodontist position, please don’t hesitate to call Arthur Marshall recruitment for help and assistance.

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